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Contact our Team

President / CEO

Jennifer Steigner

Aviation has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My grandfather and father were pilots, and my father took me flying often.  When I earned my pilot’s license, I joined a group of people connected not only by a love of flying but also an awareness of how necessary quality maintenance and parts are in the aerospace industry.
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Vice President

Joe Carrillo

Back In 1985, I needed to earn income for the summer (I worked for a school district) and applied for a job at a temporary agency.

To my delight, my assignment ended up being a summer job, with an offer to stay on with the company.

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Quality Assurance

Andrew Molyneaux

My dad was in the Navy and my uncle in the Air Force, so planes were always part of my life. But my interest in the aerospace field really began when I was seven and my dad brought me to his job at Laminated Shim. Seeing all the shop machinery immediately sparked my imagination and curiosity.

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Account Executive

Donna Woodard

When I was 10, my Grandma took me to the Boeing factory in Tacoma, WA for my first real adventure. To a small girl walking through the plant, the planes being built seemed massive. But the tech behind them impressed me more than anything. For years afterward, I watched the fast-paced evolution of the aerospace industry and its new technologies with fascination.

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