About Us

About Us

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Who We Are

We are pleased to take on our journey from our humble beginnings in the East Coast, all the way to what is now our permanent home in sunny Corona California.

Laminated Shim was established in 1913 beginning in a loft in Manhattan, New York, manufacturing for the market of standardized automotive rod shims used by mechanics to maintain wheel alignment in the early automobile era.

Fast forward to 1921 when due to the success, the company, relocated to Long Island City, where production was diversified to include shims and other small parts for industrial applications. With the company’s success, Laminated Shim needed more space and built a new factory and office building in the Glenbrook section of Stamford Connecticut. We understand that this building still stands.

Fast forward again to Orange County in 1984 when J&R Engineering & Mfg, owned by Jeff Johnson, partnered with Jeff’s father, Buzz Johnson, and father and son purchased the rights to Laminated Shim Co., Inc. The Johnsons merged both J&R Engineering & Mfg and Laminated Shim to what is now Laminated Shim Co., Inc.

Laminated Shim Co., Inc. continues to be a family ran business and is now under the leadership of our current President /CEO Jennifer Steigner, Jeff’s daughter and Buzz’ granddaughter.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the absolute best quality in a product at competitive pricing to assist you in your shims or spacer requirements.

On-Time Delivery

 Laminated Shim has earned a solid reputation of excellence in the Aerospace Industry. Meeting our customers delivery requirements is very important and Laminated Shim Co. will honor it’s delivery commitment without compromising quality. These are some of the tools that allow us to meet your delivery goal:

  • AOG/Expedite Team
  • Quality
  • In House Tooling Capabilities
  • Desire to Service
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Knowledgeable and Dedicated Sales Team